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One on One In-Clinic Program
Run FASTER...with less injuries
1hr initial appointment followed by three 40min appointments over 6 weeks
Walking and running analysis with force platform, high-speed video cameras and Woodway Curve treadmill
Health fund rebates available
Located at The Running Lab headquarters in Wollongong, NSW
Online Course
Perfect for runners of ALL ABILITIES, including beginners
Very small time investment for very large running improvement
Weekly DRILL and drill progression videos
Access a library of exclusive FOOTWEAR, STRENGTH and POSTURE, and MOBILITY videos
Transform your feet from BRICKS to SPRINGS
One-Day Group Workshop
For 8 to 12 people
Reduce injury rates and INCREASE PERFORMANCE across your gym or running group
Includes all Running Lab drills, footwear, strength and posture, and mobility training
Before and after video running analysis
Post workshop instructions and drill worksheets provided

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The Quick Step Guide to Running Faster with Less Injuries

The Quick Step Guide to Running Faster...with Less Injuries

This FREE guide reveals four key tips to help you run faster, with less injuries. Plus you'll learn the true Holy Grail of running...