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Online Course
$129 for 12 weeks of access
Learn the skill of efficient running
6-week course duration
Perfect for runners of all abilities, including beginners
Weekly core videos on drills and drill progressions
Access to exclusive footwear, strength and posture, and mobility videos
Time efficient
Simplify your running with less thinking, better performance and decreased risk of injury
One on One In-Clinic Program
Customisable program, including combining injury rehabilitation with The Running Lab
1-hour initial appointment followed by three 40-minute appointments spread over 6 weeks
Walking and running analysis with force platform, high-speed video cameras and Woodway Curve treadmill
Australian health fund rebates available
All appointments at The Running Lab headquarters in Wollongong, NSW
One-Day Group Clinic
One-day intensive program for 8 people at your gym, training facility or even workplace
All core Running Lab drills taught along with footwear, strength and posture, and mobility education
Post clinic instructions and drill worksheets provided
Before and after video running analysis critiqued as part of the clinic
Reduce injury rates and increase performance across your gym or running group
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Running Shoes

The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Running Shoes

Are your shoes affecting the way you run, walk and even live? Download your free guide to learn how your shoes could be harming you and the things to consider when choosing your footwear.